why do you need taglobe?

with TAGlobe you...

Streamline work

Paper forms? Printed lists? Complicated photo transfers? That's all past inefficiency!

Save environment

Finish the absurd paper wasting. Transform your current processes into digital form.

Increase control

Get the information about positions, times, identifications + other data you choose.

Decrease costs

Not only the material used, but time is money, also. TAGlobe saves your cash.

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for whom is TAGlobe?

For everyone!

TAGlobe contains ready-made scenarios you will easily choose from. Above that, you can easily set up your own scenario! TAGlobe is fully customizable platform developed with a strong emphasis on maximal flexibility in order to server all the variable needs of each business. Do you deal with any of these main needs?

  • Maintenance or service
  • Time recording
  • Evidence along with authenticity verification
  • Guard tours management
  • Need something else? Everything's possible with TAGlobe!!

How does it work?

It's unbelievably easy!

You just tap your phone to an NFC tag and the application with defined form automatically opens. The operator just fill in the form and save it. The report is saved to server containing exact time, identification of NFC tag and phone, localisation and data filled into the form. All data are structured, well displayed and ready for immediate work.

And when the terminal is offline? TAGlobe is prepared for everything. Synchronization will run right when you’re back online!


Is your system set up? Now download the app!


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How to start?

Start up in few clicks!

Run the system

Set up your account, create Program, choose from ready-made templates or create your own and choose tariff.

Install the app

Download mobile app into your Android device with NFC. Log in to your Program with credentials you can see in the client section.

Register tags

Use any NFC tags you'll like. Add them to the system using the mobile app along with names and info texts.

Take records

Start taking records, display statistics, control every process, filter and present data. You're ready to work!