Get list of LOGS send by terminal


Example use:
curl -i https://taglobe.com/api/v1/logs?key=API_KEY


Field Type Description
key required String Your secret API key
last_sync recommended Integer Timestamp of last Sync Time.
complete optional Bool Returned log contains all data (Default: true) @see bellow
limit Integer The number of rows you request (Default: 1000)
page Integer The page number you request (Default: 1)
type optional String json|xml Type of response format. Default: json

Success 200

Field Type Description
logs Object[] List of LOGs (Array of Objects)
 id Integer unique ID of LOG
 project_id Integer Project ID
 terminal_id Integer ID of Terminal which sent the LOG
 tag_id String TAG ID scanned by a TERMINAL
 complete Bool Returned log contains all data (@see bellow)
 pressed_when Integer Timestamp of Date and Time of the TAG's scan by TERMINAL
 added_when Integer Timestamp of Date and Time when the LOG was sent to server
 last_update_when Integer Timestamp of Date and Time when the LOG was updated
 deleted Bool The flag (if true the LOG is deleted)
 coords Object[] Object containing coordinates and accuracy value of position where the TAG was scanned.
  lat   Latitude
  lon   Longitude
  accuracy   Accuracy value
 form_identifier String Identifier of the filled FORM
 form_data Object Data filled int Form (see @FORMS)
 added_when integer Timestamp of the Date and Time when the TAG was added to the system
 last_update integer Timestamp of the Date and Time of the last TAG info update
 additional_data null|json object Additional Data of the TAG. (@for more info see Additional_data
limit integer limit of tags requested
page integer actual page number
count integer number of tags
page_count integer number of pages

Error Codes

See @Error Codes


Field Note
complete Parameter "complete" does inform about the status of the LOG. Whether the LOG contains all data that should have been collected or only a part. This condition has to be documented, because multimedia files (like photos) are uploaded to server separately from other data of the log and that may result in a minor delay in completing log on server with all data. Such a condition may not happen much, it mostly depends on connectivity of the mobile phone and size of multimedia files and usually is a temporary state taking seconds. But when reaching out to data through API, it may happen you may collect incomplete logs and this parametr will help you to identify it and reach out to the completed log right after.