Get structure of ADDITIONAL DATA for TAGs and TERMINALs


Example use for Additional Data TAG Structure:
curl -i

Example use for Additional Data TERMINAL Structure
curl -i


Field Type Description
key required String Your secret API key
tag|terminal String You can get additional data of TAGs or TERMINALs
type optional String json|xml Type of response format. Default: json

Success 200

Field Type Description
items Object[] List of ITEMs (Array of Objects)
last_update Integer Timestamp of Date and Time of last ADDITIONAL DATA structure update


Items contain the objects you defined at Client Side.

The structure of the Item object is:

Field Description
type Type of Item element (@see below)
name Name of Item element
identifier Identifier of Item element
set_via_app Boolean flag (if TRUE the element is mandatory to be filled during registration process)
enum Array of Strings. (supported only for selectbox type)

Types of Item elements

Type Description
textbox Element type of textbox (equivalent to html textbox form field)
textarea Element type of textarea (equivalent to html textarea form field)
selectbox Element type of select (equivalent to html select form field). The options of the select are in enum Field of the Item Object.
number Element type of numeric (equivalent to html textbox with type=number)
image Image element. This type contains the image url.

Error Codes

See @Error Codes